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Are you a wood lover and want to give your wood a new colour or provide excellent protection? Then get in touch with Xyladecor, the paint brand that has been producing wood protection since 1968.

Painting with Xyladecor

In our Xyladecor range, you will find wood stains, oils and varnishes for specific projects for both outdoors and indoors. What they all have in common is that they extend the life of your wood because they offer protection. For example, there are products for protecting your terrace, oiling your wooden furniture but also for varnishing your parquet.

Xyladecor's products have very specific names so you know almost immediately what they are for. If you are still searching for the perfect match for you, we have more information below that will lead you to the desired result.

Choose your Xyladecor product

From pre-treatment of your exterior wood to the finish. Give your wood the right protection both indoors and outdoors with a varnish, oil or stain.
Here are some toppers we would like to highlight for you:


Wood gives your interior a warm and cosy feel. We are convinced of that! So it is better to protect these surfaces with a varnish from Xyladecor. This way, stains, scratches and other wear and tear are much less likely to damage your surface. This is because a hard paint film is applied several times, completely sealing off your wood. So if you have a beautiful parquet floor in your home, use Parket Vernis Natuurlijk Effect.

If you also want to varnish your wooden staircase, we recommend Xyladecor trap vernis antislip. Not only does it offer excellent protection, it also makes sure you don't slip. If you also want your wooden furniture to last, you can varnish it with Xyladecor meubel vernis.

And contrary to what many people think, varnish does not have to have a glossy look, you can also opt for a matt or silk-gloss finish.

Outdoor varnishes are less recommended, except for the specially developed Xyladecor Yacht Vernis, which is extremely waterproof and can even be applied to boats.

Wood stain

Do you have an outdoor project planned, such as giving your summerhouse or pergola a new colour? With the transparent stainXyladecor Tuinhuis, you can choose a different wood shade such as teak, dark oak or rosewood. If you prefer an opaque stain, with Xyladecor Tuinhuis Color you can choose a rustic white, olive green or charcoal black. Both stains protect your wood against weather influences and ensure that the structure of your wood remains visible. Although a transparent stain does provide the most natural look.

If you want to protect and possibly colour a fence, we have a stain that is very good value for money, namely Xyladecor tuinhoutbeits. Please note: this stain is only suitable for non dimensionally stable constructions you must not apply it to smooth or planed garden wood. For example, you need a different product for exterior windows and doors. For this, go with Xyladecor Ramen & Deuren, this product is, unlike the previous one, very suitable for dimensionally stable constructions. Prevents cracks in your wood, is highly resistant to UV rays and prevents the penetration of moisture.


Wood infesting insects and mould on your wood, sounds anything but nice right?

We want to prevent this at all costs by giving your wood a good pre-treatment.

So if you have new and/or untreated wood in your garden that is not in direct contact with soil or surface water, you can use the wood impregnating agent Xyladecor Combi PT. It is colourless and protects against both fungi and insects. Primer Clear Extra is also a similar product and a perfect primer for a Xyladecor wood stain.

Do you suffer from such an ailment anyway? Then Xyladecor houtwormverdelger BP will also do the trick. It fights all types of woodworm, including houseworm, and also prevents a new infestation.

In addition, some Xyladecor stains also provide protection against mould and green attack. For example, you have the high-quality stain Xyladecor Tuinhuis. We also mentioned it earlier, so you can be sure that it is a very popular product among our customers.

Buying Sikkens paints online?

Discover the advantage of online shopping. You can immediately consult all products in 1 overview, wherever and whenever you want.

In addition, you are in good hands with Tintrio, because just in case you have any questions. You will be advised as if you were in a shop, personally, reliably and professionally. So are you looking for the right colour for your project? Then you can rely on our colour and paint experts. But do you want to do your own research? Then you can also consult the colour blog about the Xyladecor Inspiration colours.

Are you now completely convinced about your Xyladecor product? Then order it! We guarantee fair prices and fast delivery. If you order before 4 pm, there is a 90% chance that you will receive your product tomorrow.