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High-gloss door painting: piece of cake or a challenge?

Learn how to paint a door with a high-gloss paint. With all our tips and tricks, you'll be painting your door without streaks from now on. Whether it is easy or rather difficult? Find out here!

garden trends of 2024 in colours and furniture

The garden trends of 2024 in colours and furniture

Nicer weather on the way! High time to breathe life into the garden with the latest garden trends. Which colours will really stand out in the garden in 2024 and which furniture will score a lot of points this year? Tintrio and Zonnewende notice 4 garden trends. Discover and implement the trends in your own outdoor spaces.

Step into this colourful interior trend of 2024 ... Kitschen!

In this year, the kitshy kitchen trend is circulating. A kitchen style that can be described as eclectic with the most bizarre colour combinations. Every colour can be included. And preferably we see them flashed in their brightest form, really something that reminds you of the 1970s.

Paint with the Product of the Year 2024

Hooray, we simply have the product of the year among our range. Which product are we talking about exactly? Libéron Velours de Peinture! For one year, this paint product may wear the beautiful label that stands not only for quality, but also innovation.

Wondering what makes this paint so unique? Then dive into this blog post.

Spotlighted: Sustainable evolution in paint packaging

One thing is certain: recycled paint buckets are improving the painting industry. But they also bring some questions. Which brands are already packaging paint in recycled plastic? How does this ecological packaging affect the quality of your paint, and does it change the price? These are some questions you may have already dwelled on.

And we are happy to answer them for you!

Listed for you: Unique gifts to impress!

Whether it's for Father's Day, Christmas or a housewarming party. Tintrio has a suitable gift for every occasion. Because even at our paint shop, we like to surprise someone with a colourful moment.

Do you also have a person in your life who deserves a super cool gift? With these gift ideas, you're guaranteed to impress.

finding a gift has never been easier! And who would have thought you would have to go to a paint shop to do that? It is certainly surprising, so there is no lack of originality.

5x colour inspiration for your front door

Your front door is an important greeting place, so it could use a fresh colour. Not sure what door colours are popular anno 2024? We've listed five styles for you!

The new Levis Atelier colours unveiled for you!

With colour you bring individuality to your interior, Levis Atelier knows that better than anyone else. And that's why the brand comes up with five new colour palettes. Whether you like country, modern, serene or vintage, you will find a suitable Levis Atelier colour for every living style.

Immerse yourself now in this colourful blog.

Previous trend colours that are still popular

Check out the beautiful trend colours from previous years. Because these colours not only received accolades, but are a real staple in countless interiors. Wondering which paint colours we are talking about? Take a quick look!

Why good paint materials are so important

Got a painting job ahead of you? Then you better be well prepared and buy the right materials right away.

Because let's face it, a paint brush that leaves hairs behind is not that interesting, is it? The same with a paint roller, it needs to absorb enough paint and ensure as few drips as possible. Well, we help you choose quality material so your paint can really shine!

2024 trend colours? Here they are!

It's that time of year again when the major paint manufacturers look forward to next year's interior trend forecast and designate their colour of the year. Are you looking for THE colour to add to your house in the coming year? Then look no further! In this blog post, we'll list the most important colours of the year for you.

Barbiecore interior trend: How to combine pink?

Pink is trending in living rooms. And there is only one reason for this: the new Barbie movie.
Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the leading actors make everyone dream of a pink Barbie life. You see the colour every day on the streets, in shops, on social media and even in new interiors. Do you also want to live in an over-the-top Barbie world or stick to soft pink shades? Check out our favourite colour combinations with pink and decide which combination best suits your interior.

Three inspiring colour schemes for a grey interior!

Does your home need a makeover, but do you have no idea which colours to combine? We are happy to inspire you with the following colour schemes, which all include grey.

Sigma's stain colours upgrade your wood

The Sigma WoodProtect colour collection is a colour palette that stands out. The transparent and opaque stain collection consists of four different ranges. You have a range of traditional, neutral, soft and vibrant colours that catch your eye immediately.

The do’s and don’ts when painting in hot weather

Summer is the perfect time to tackle some chores around the house, but when it comes to painting, the warm weather can be somewhat challenging. While many of us enjoy the warmth of the sun, your paintwork usually doesn't benefit from it as much. Unless you consider our tips, of course!

Brick, plaster, wooden wall.... Make your facade the most beautiful of them all!

The facade may not be the first thing you'll want to paint on your house. However, a bit of paint can do a lot for the exterior appearance of your house. Other exterior walls may also deserve an upgrade. What colours are popular for exterior walls these days? What colour combinations can you use? And how do you actually tackle facade painting? Read all about it here!

Sanding: which grain to choose?

Sanding is part of a painter's daily work. For example, they sand to remove old layers of paint or rust. Bare wood also needs sanding. Even with new coats of paint, sanding is recommended to ensure good adhesion with the next coat. In short, painting jobs are also sanding projects.

What is chalk paint and what do you use it for?

Chalk paint seems to be very popular these days, but what exactly is it? What can you do with it? In this blog post, we explain it all to you!

These are the 2023 paint colour trends!

The 2023 colour trends are out! Curious to see which colours have been selected by different paint brands? Then have a look at our blog, where we collect them all for you.

Start the new school year creatively with child-friendly paint

It’s September and that means: back to school! Back to school also means homework time again. With paint, you can create a nice study area for your child at home and start the new school year creatively!

Water-based or solvent-based paint? The differences explained!

We often get questions about the difference between water-based and solvent-based paint. Which paint is the strongest? Which one is best used indoors and which one outdoors? Can you use them on top of each other? In this blog post, we will tell you with great pleasure a bit more about the differences between the two paints!

Cleaning and degreasing: how to properly prepare the surface

A grease-free and clean surface is an absolute prerequisite for a successful paint job. Paint is not a great fan of dirt and grease - sorry John. A greasy or dirty substrate interferes with the paint's capacity to adhere properly, which might end up resulting in flaky paint or discolouration later on. Thorough preparation by cleaning and degreasing will prevent this, as you create the perfect base for a perfect result.

These are the best paints for your bathroom

Bathrooms tend to be humid and the walls are often subject to regular splattering, both of which are not all that great for regular paints. Nevertheless, you can still paint your bathroom. Let's have a look at which paints are appropriate to use.

Garden trend: Xyladecor's custom wood stain colours

The new Xyladecor Inspiration colour collection consists of three ranges of ten colours each: Natural, Cultural and Minimal. Each of these three ranges creates a different atmosphere and look.