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Discover Sikkens: top-quality lacquers and paints for indoor and outdoor use. Innovation and durability in every colour and finish.

About Sikkens

In 1792, Wiert Willem Sikkens started a factory in Groningen to make lacquers. Over the years, Sikkens continued to grow and research and innovate constantly to deliver the best possible quality.
Today, Sikkens is part of AkzoNobel, the largest manufacturer of paints and lacquers in the world, with other well-known brands such as Xyladecor, Levis and Trimetal.

Sikkens is a leading brand in the international paint industry, known for its innovative solutions and high-quality products. With more than 225 years of experience, Sikkens offers a wide range of paints and coatings for both professionals and painthusiasts. Soon, Sikkens became the manufacturer of speciality paints for both the furniture, automotive and aircraft industries.

Today, the brand is committed to sustainability and uses advanced technologies to meet customers' needs. Sikkens stands for outstanding performance, long-lasting protection and a beautiful finish.

Discover all Sikkens paints below, or continue to read more about their product range.

The various Sikkens paints

From wall paints to lacquers and stains. You can find the right Sikkens paint for many paint jobs.
Here are a few of the top choices.

Wall paints

Alpha is the alpha male for your interior walls and ceilings. With Sikkens Alpha products, you are sure of a sublime result. Our two toppers: Sikkens Alphacryl Morpha and Sikkens Alpha Recycle Mat.

Alphacryl Morpha takes your painting experience to the next level with its easy application and washability. Handy about this paint is that it dries quickly, so you can finish your paint job in one day.

Do you prefer a wall paint that also contributes to a more sustainable paint environment? Then we have the Sikkens Alpha Recycle Mat for you! This product consists of 35% recycled paint and is also water-based.
Akzonobel thoroughly tests the performance and quality of this paint. So you won't notice any difference in quality compared to a new paint.

Sikkens also has paint not only for interior walls but also for facades.


Looking for a lacquer? Then look for Sikkens Rubbol from now on. Our customers love the water-based paints like Sikkens Rubbol BL Rezisto Satin and Sikkens Rubbol BL Satura.

These paints have a silky gloss finish for interior use. Both are scratch and abrasion resistant. Although Rezisto Satin has just that little bit more because it is skin fat resistant on top of that.
In short: ideal for handrails.

Of course, we also have solvent-based lacquers. 

You can find the full range of Sikkens lacquers here.


The Sikkens Cetol range consists of opaque and transparent stains for your exterior wood. Our all-time favourites are the transparent and solvent-based stains: Cetol HLS Plus and Cetol Filter 7 Plus.

The HLS Plus is an ideal primer, suitable for dimensionally stable structures such as a fence or window frames. The product has a silky gloss appearance and has a strong impregnating character.

Finishing can then be done with Cetol Filter 7 Plus. This stain is film-forming and protects your exterior wood from all weather conditions.

If you use Sikkens Cetol, your wood will remain protected for several years thanks to its long outdoor durability.

Buying Sikkens paints online?

You might be familiar with it: you're standing in a shop, with dozens of pots of paint in front of you and thinking "which paint do I actually need?". You might then ask a salesperson in the store to advise you. It's the same thing online, but with the difference that our paint selection here at Tintrio is even more extensive, so you might find it even harder to choose.

Fortunately, behind the scenes we have a number of paint experts who can give you expert advice. Did you know that Tintrio is part of a painting company and run by a third-generation family of painters? So you can rest assured that you will get reliable and professional advice. Even if you need colour advice, are not sure how much paint you need or simply have a question about shipping, we will be happy to help you.

Tintrio also guarantees a correct price and fast delivery. Orders received before 4 p.m. are dispatched the same working day!