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Discover how Dalapro's putties for levelling and finishing can make the difference in your renovation project. With a focus on quality, durability, and ease of use, Dalapro offers the perfect solution for any joint or crack.

The history of Dalapro

Dalapro is a brand known for its high-quality putties, developed for both professional painters and DIYers. Dalapro's origins date back to the mid-20th century, where a Swedish engineer had the idea of bringing the very first ready-to-use putty to market. And today, Dalapro can call itself the specialist of paste putties in Northern Europe. Finally, the leading brand is known for its commitment to durability, quality and ease of use.

Wondering which product suits your renovation project? Scroll down for more explanation 👇

Prepare your surface with Dalapro

Dalapro has ready-to-use putties in its range which can be used for various purposes such as grouting, smoothing or finishing.
Find out below which putty suits your type of renovation.

Finishing putty

Going for a fine finish indoors? Then Dalapro fine is perfect for you. A white finishing putty that is ready to use and available in both small and large packaging.

All round putty

Putty that can both joint, smooth and finish. We call these all-round putty products. Dalapro Nova and Dalapro Medium are such examples. These have a grey paste, do you prefer white?

Then choose Dalapro Premium.This all-round putty has extra filling power and is easy to sand with less flashing dust than most putties.

Exterior puttying

Does your exterior wall also need some care? Then you can get started with Dalapro Facade. The putty is resistant to moisture and frost-thaw cycles. And it doesn't only do well outside, it can also be used indoors on smooth surfaces such as gloss paint or tiles.

What's the difference between filler, plastor and putty?

Filler, plaster, and putty all play a crucial role in preparing surfaces for further finishing, such as painting or wallpapering. Although they are often used interchangeably, each serves a specific need in the renovation process.To be clear, Dalapro only offers putties, but some already have a bit more filling power than others.

Filler is used to fill holes, cracks, and other irregularities in various surfaces. It is ideal for repairing damage locally before painting or wallpapering.

Plaster is sometimes popularly used when people actually talk about powder putty or drywall putty.

Putty is used to smooth away small irregularities in your substrate and to level it so that it is smooth for painting or wallpapering. And this is what Dalapro is known for.It is thicker than filler and intended for finishing finer details.

Buy Dalapro online

At Tintrio, we understand that every job is unique and can sometimes involve specific questions. That's why our team of experts is always ready to support you. Whether you need advice on which Dalapro product best suits your needs, are looking for help navigating our range, or have questions about application techniques, we're here to help. You can always count on our expert advice and support, making your purchasing experience not only easy, but also familiar. Just like in a physical shop, only you don't have to get out of your seat for this and we simply ship the putty products to your home or pick-up point.