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Mathys once started producing lacquers and varnishes in 1845, but over the years they have been producing paint in all categories. So you will also find facade paint, interior wall paint and coatings for floors and roofs.

Paint brand with more than 175 years of experience

Mathys is an established name in paint country with a history dating back more than 175 years. In 1845 to be precise, Martin Mathys started a small-scale production of varnishes and lacquers in a shed in Ninove. Over the years, not only the range has expanded, but also the quality has improved. This is what Mathys is known for: reliability and constantly improving itself. They constantly scrutinise their paint content to provide you with the best quality.

With all these years of expertise, no substrate has any secrets for Mathys. Take a look at the full range and discover which paint suits your project! 👇

Get your Mathys paint product

From wall and ceiling paints to paints for wood, roofs and even minor repairs.
Check out some bestsellers below and find out if they suit your project.

Wall paint

If you are looking for the ideal wall paint, you can go with Paracem Deco. This paint line has different versions in gloss and washability. And also has a suitable primer.

If you want to protect your walls from stains, you can paint with Paracem Deco Ultra Clean. Ideal for the kitchen or children's room. Even the extra matt variant has excellent cleanability and and even goes well with dark colours. In fact, the paint will not smudge when you bump into it. This is one of the few extra-matt paints that score excellently in this respect.

Mathys also has the perfect paint for your ceiling, called Paracem Deco Plafond.

Paint for wood

The Mathys company began producing paint for wood more than 175 years ago. Today, they still excel at doing so. From stains to varnishes and lacquers, Mathys has a very high-quality range. If we had to pick out some top products for wood, it would be Fassitek, a transparent solvent-based stain that impregnates your wood and thus protects it from the weather.

For your interior wood, we definitely recommend the Fassicryl collection. These are water-based lacquers with a good flow that are resistant to scratches and skin grease.

Would you rather not buy extra primer, but rather enjoy a one-pot system? Then use Mathys Fassicoat.

Small renovations

To seal a fissure, gap or crack indoors, use Mathys Elastofill, an elastic joint paste that can be overpainted.

Have you previously suffered from humid walls and are they somewhat damaged? Then you can use Mathys Durbocem, which renews and protects your walls against moisture damage. By the way, this is also the ideal paint for your basement!

Does your facade need a small renovation? You want both a new colour and the disappearance of those hairline cracks? The flexible renovation paint Murfill will certainly help you. Highly recommended for renovating and decorating historical and new façades.

Order Mathys at fair prices

Have you found the product for your paint job? Great! Then you can almost start your project.

Occasionally we run special offers on certain paints, which you can usually see at the top of the website or on the homepage. But either way, our shop always maintains correct prices. If you place your order before 4 pm, your paint will most likely be delivered to your home tomorrow.

Do you still have some questions or would you like some colour advice? Then contact us, we at Tintrio are ready to give you professional advice. Behind the scenes of our web shop, there are real paint experts who can not only teach you about the product but also help you with your project from A to Z. So what are you waiting for, discover the ease of ordering paint online at Tintrio.