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Sustainability 🌱

Sustainability is an increasingly important theme. At Tintrio, too, we try to make our contribution to sustainable online shopping. Continue to read how we do so.

What we do at Tintrio

  • When possible, we try to use second-hand packaging materials, in stead of purchasing new boxes. We also try to reuse packaging materials from e.g. deliveries to us or returned shipments, and so on.
  • At the same time, we always carefully consider the size of the box against the size of the product. For cans of 1 and 2,5 litres, for example, we use by default custom boxes that are perfectly sized to have less spare space inside the box. That also means, these boxes don't take in unnecessary space in our deliverer's van, with which we try to contribute to more efficient and sustainable transport. 
  • These optimally sized boxes also require less filling materials, which is also something we've been paying much attention to over the past few years. To ship products that are smaller than the box they're in, we now mostly try to use Sealed Air cushions, whereas in the past we always used less environmentally-friendly foam chips. Our goal is to eventually replace these foam chips with sustainable filling materials in all of our shipments, while still being able to ship our products 100% safely. 
  • Since 2022, we've been taking it one step further, even, by sending certain paint sizes that allow package-free shipping without a box and filling materials entirely. 
  • We also try to send our orders in one single shipment as much as possible. For example, when three articles are ordered, and one is out of stock (and we're able to restock it within a couple of days), we prefer to keep the order aside for one or two days, to be able to ship it in its totality. That's one extra transport saved! 
  • Sometimes, it's in the smaller things we do. When we've finished packing an order, we recollect the packing note and re-use the paper to print a new packing note on the verso side. That way, we use half the amount of paper. No worries, used packing notes are carefully marked, so there is no confusion. 
  • While renovating our building, which we moved to in 2021, we also included some durable provisions, such as solar panels, with which we are able to generate 10K kW. In addition, we maximally capture and reuse rainwater. On-site rainwater harvesting has benefits such as water conservation, sewer system relief, improved soil quality and reduction of CO2 emissions, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Second Chance Paint

Paint that has been returned unopened, and still in perfect condition, gets a second chance at Tintrio. Usually, these paints were made in a colour we didn't need. Other than that, there's absolutely nothing wrong with them, so throwing them away would be a terrible waste.

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What our brands do

Some say paint is by definition not environmentally friendly. We dare to disagree! 

For many years now, paint manufacturers have been working towards increasingly sustainable products, by implementing for example renewable raw materials or sustainable packaging. They even managed to recycle paint leftovers into brand new paint! Solvents are also no longer standard in paint. Nowadays, there are way more water-based paints. 

 Have a look at the categories below to find the products that meet your environmental requirements.

EU Ecolabel

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Sustainable raw materials

Sustainable packaging

Interested in reading more about our paint brand's efforts toward sustainability? Click the logo's below for more information on their websites.

What our delivery partners do

Our delivery partner Bpost tries to make a significant contribution with the goal of making their last-mile deliveries 100% free of emissions by 2030. With a Bpost pick-up point at walking distance of every address in Belgium, for example, they're able to reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 90% compared to home delivery.
PostNL also operates by a sustainable vision. They try to use electrical vehicles as much as possible, for example. If they can't, they opt for green fuels and compensate for any CO₂ still emitted. Moreover, they implemented a city hub system, which centralises shipments, making deliveries much more efficient.

image source: Bpost (L) - PostNL (R)

What you're doing by ordering at Tintrio

  • In theory, ordering online is more environmentally friendly than individual shopping in physical stores, as packages from webshops are shipped collectively and therefore require less individual transport.

  • Paint allows you to upcycle things, which is also considerate towards the environment.

Do you have any questions regarding sustainability at Tintrio?